“”The dream of young man who like design was began”

In 1978, FOURING was established to make style satisfied from customer and the values which design brings than simple function.

Design-centered automotive lifestyle brand

“Design centric, Desirable Car Lifestyle”

FOURING representing as the automotive lifestyle provides new value of the customer’s
sense harmonizing based on the generation of the market changes.





Symbol mark intuitionally expresses 4 circles of automotive wheels,
embodies concentration, stability of the brand value of FOURING.



Watermark is using sophisticated, sporty and solid font. It shows FOURING’s brand value.



“We will approach a customer with bigger dream than young dream in 1978″

FOURING will try to create innovative style and to reflect a customer demand through intrinsic value of FOURING.
We will try to become a company to build a happy car culture.

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Trade hsj0203@fouring.co.kr

 FOURING  10F, Keumkang Bldg. 304 Bongeunsa-Ro Gangnam-Gu Seoul Korea